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Clogged toilet solver

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[seoul total machine co.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Clogged toilet solver

Clear clogs completely with the toilet clog remover

│Toilet Clog Remover ?│

Developed, patented, and launched by Seoul Total Machine Co., the Toilet Clog Remover is clearly different from regular plungers, especially in terms of working principle.

Most commercial products work as they are pumped using air pressure, and can be used for slightly clogged toilets. But solids or foreign objects blocking the S-shaped pipe in the toilet cannot easily cleaned, which requires expert help.

However, our product features a very strong magnet, and the body is pushed into the pipe to push or pull such foreign objects and remove them completely.

│This is Not a Consumable│

This is a Semi-Permanent Product Featuring a Strong Magnet

Our toilet does not flush properly because it is old

Every yime the toilet is use, it gets more clogs and foreign objects building up inside the pipe, Try our product, and it will remove the build up of foreign objects and resolve the root cause of all problems as it gets inserted along the pipe, providing enough friction!

│Differences in unclogging Mechanism│

Regular Products
Our Product
  • Push out clogs using pressure
  • Cannot be used for solidified clogs
  • The remover body directly pushes out clogs
  • Can remove clogs using the hook
  • Can remove solidified clogs

│Hot to use│

>> Components : Body of the Toilet Clog Remover, Wire Rope Reel, Magnet Knob
>> Directions : Unwind the wire of the (1) toilet clog remover until it is long enough, and insert it into the clogged toilet.
Once the wire is inside the toilet, mount the (2) magnet knob on the surface of the toilet and move the (1) remover along the S-shaped pipe to remove a clog by pushing or pulling it, For metals, take them out as they are stuck to the remover.
>> Special Type : The special type features a hook to remove nonmetals or solids that connot be otherwise pushed out.

※ Important

This product has a very strong magnet, Make sure it does not come into contact contact with electronics or electrical products. The hook of the remover body has a very sharp end, and the magnet knob and the body may get stuck to each other if put side by side.
Keep this product out of reach of children.


Product Name
Toilet Clog Remove
Seoul Total Machine Co
Country of Origin
Republic of Korea
Product (Acetyl, Magnet)
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